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This shipping container shed is renting for $900 a month in Orlando

The housing market is out of control in Orlando.

In spite of calls from local politicians to declare a state of emergency over the city’s unaffordability and a push to pass an absolutely toothless rent control act, it doesn’t look like help is coming any time soon.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to see landlords gripping more and more of the average Orlandoan’s paycheck with both hands. The latest egregious example comes from that wellspring of over-inflated values: Facebook Marketplace. That’s where we found a landlord in Conway attempting to rent a shipping container shed for $900 a month. Now, mind you, this is not one of those beautiful container prefabs breathlessly covered in Dwell magazine — this is, well, not that.

In order to live in the one-room converted container, the landlord is requiring a background check and employment check and a one-month deposit. Wouldn’t want any undesirables living in the corrugated metal box you’ve plopped in your yard. The listing calls it “a new way to live” which certainly puts a cheery spin on things. We’d argue that making flour from bugs is a new way to eat as well. 

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